ECTN is a compulsory document for all shipments to SOUTH SUDAN


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The Export Control Trade Network (ECTN) of South Sudan is a tool that was established by the Government of South Sudan to help streamline the process of exporting goods from South Sudan.

The ECTN is a web-based portal that provides a single window for exporters to register their goods and obtain the necessary export permits and licenses. The ECTN also provides a platform for government agencies to share information and work together to streamline the export process. The ECTN was established in response to the many challenges that exporters face in exporting goods from South Sudan.

    To obtain an ECCN of South Sudan, the following documents must be submitted to the South Sudanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry:
    1. A completed ECCN of South Sudan application form.
    2. A letter from the company requesting the ECCN of South Sudan, addressed to the South Sudanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
    3. A letter from the company's Chamber of Commerce, confirming the company's membership.
    4. A copy of the company's commercial registration certificate.
    5. A copy of the company's VAT registration certificate.
    6. A copy of the company's import/export license.
    7. A copy of the invoice for the controlled goods to be imported into South Sudan.
    8. A copy of the packing list for the controlled goods.
    How does an ECTN work?

    The ECTN is assigned to a shipment by the carrier at the point of origin. The ECTN travels with the shipment and is updated at each major milestone, such as when the shipment is loaded onto the vessel, arrives at the port of destination, and is discharged from the vessel. The ECTN can also be used to track the status of the shipment in transit, such as if it has been delayed or is running behind schedule.

    Why is an ECTN required for shipments to South Sudan?

    The ECTN is required for all shipments of cargo travelling to South Sudan by sea. This is due to the fact that South Sudan is a landlocked country, meaning that all shipments of cargo must travel through neighbouring countries before reaching their final destination. The ECTN allows for the efficient tracking and tracing of these shipments.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Freight Invoice (required if the freight amount is not specified on commercial invoice).

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